2024 3rd International Symposium on Computer Applications and Information Systems(ISCAIS 2024)
Welcome Prof. Xing Huang, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China to be the TPC!



Prof. Xing Huang, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

黄兴 教授,西北工业大学

Xing Huang is currently a professor and doctoral supervisor with the School of Computer Science, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, China. He received the B.S. degree in Computer Science and Technology and the Ph.D. degree in Intelligent Information Technology from Fuzhou University, in 2013 and 2018, respectively. He is also a joint-Ph.D. student with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University, Durham, NC, USA, sponsored by the China Scholarship Council. From 2018 to 2022, he conducted postdoctoral research at Taiwan Tsing Hua University, Technical University of Munich, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, respectively.

Xing Huang’s current research interests include the electronic design automation (EDA) for microfluidic biochips and integrated circuits. He has published more than 40 papers in the field, primarily at top conferences such as DAC, ICCAD, DATE etc., as well as in flagship journals such as TCAD, TODAES, TOC, CSUR etc. He has been awarded “The National Young Talent Program” of China (2022), the “Humboldt Research Fellow” of Germany (2020), the “TUFF Fellow” of Technical University of Munich (2019), and the “MOST Fellow” of the Department of Technology and Science of Taiwan province (2018). He is a recipient of the best paper award nomination of CCF Integrated Circuit Design and Automation Conference, the distinguished reviewer of ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems, the scholarship for studying abroad under the China Scholarship Council, the National Scholarship for Doctoral Students of China, the Excellent Lu Jia-Xi Postgraduate Award, the National Software Designing Professional of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. He has served as the technical program committee (TPC) member of several major conferences such as DAC, ICCAD, ASP-DAC, VLSI-SOC, etc., and the reviewer of a dozen top journals such as TCAD, TODAES, TVLSI, TBIOCAS, etc.

黄兴,男,博士,西北工业大学计算机学院教授,博士生导师,国家级青年人才,德国“洪堡学者”,德国TUFF fellow。2018年6月获智能信息技术专业工学博士学位(国家公派美国杜克大学与福州大学联合培养),此后至2022年11月曾先后于台湾清华大学、德国慕尼黑工业大学、香港中文大学从事博士后研究工作。长期从事微流控生物芯片及超大规模集成电路电子设计自动化(EDA)软件与算法研究工作。先后主持了国家优秀青年科学基金(海外)、德国洪堡基金、德国TUFF项目、中国台湾科学技术项目等多个科研项目。发表论文40余篇,涵盖了领域旗舰期刊TCAD, TC, CSUR, TODAES, SCIS以及EDA四大国际会议DAC, ICCAD, DATE, ASPDAC等。出版学术专著/章节2本,获授权国家发明专利12项。获得包括国家优青(海外),德国洪堡基金,德国TUFF基金,CCF集成电路设计与自动化最佳论文提名奖,EDA国际期刊ACM TODAES杰出审稿人,国家公派留学奖学金,教育部博士生国家奖学金,卢嘉锡优秀研究生奖(全国每年20名),工信部全国软件开发专业人才(高级)称号奖等。此外,担任了包括DAC, ICCAD, ASP-DAC, VLSI-SOC等在内的多个集成电路国际会议程序委员会(TPC)委员,以及包括TCAD, TODAES, TVLSI, TBioCAS等在内的多个国际期刊审稿专家。