2023 2nd International Symposium on Computer Applications and Information Systems(ISCAIS 2023)


Details of the submissions:

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  • Please submit your paper(word+pdf) to Online Submission System. (For overseas authors

  • 请通过在线论文提交系统投稿:投稿系统 (中国大陆作者投稿通道)


(1) A regular submission must be no less than full 5 pages andnot exceed 12 pages (including the title, authors, abstract, figures, and references). 

(2)Any submission deviating from these guidelines will be rejected without consideration of its merit. 

(3) It is recommended that a regular submission begin with a succinct statement of the problem being addressed, a summary of the main results or conclusions, a brief explanation of their significance, a brief statement of the key ideas, and a comparison with related work, etc.