2023 2nd International Symposium on Computer Applications and Information Systems(ISCAIS 2023)

Welcome Assoc.Prof. Jupeng Ding, Xinjiang University, China to be the TPC!


Assoc.Prof. Jupeng Ding, Xinjiang University, China


JUPENG DING, received the M.Sc. and Ph. D. degree from the Communication, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), Beijing, China. In 2013, he joined Key Laboratory of Wireless-Optical Communications, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Optical Wireless Communication and Network Center, School of Information Science and Technology, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China. In 2017, he worked in one world top 500 enterprises. Then he joined Xinjiang University working on optical wireless communication. His current research interests include visible light communication, optical wireless links, B5G&6G mobile systems & networks, and free space optics. 

Now he is an Associate Professor in College of Information Science and Engineering, Xinjiang University. He has published more than 50 journal and conference papers and holds more than 20 national and international patents, in most of which he worked as the first author, the first author & corresponding author, or the first inventor. He works as one active reviewer of numerous high level journals including IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE Communications Letters, IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, Elsevier Optics Communications, OSA Optics Letters, and OSA Optics Express. He is a senior member of Chinese Institute of Electronics, Chinese Optical Society, and China Institute of Communications.

丁举鹏,男,博士,新疆大学副教授,毕业于北京邮电大学,信息光子学与光通信国家重点实验室,通信与信息系统专业。研究方向为无线光通信及组网、可见光通信及定位、光与无线的融合、物理层安全、空天地海无线光通信、5G 及 B5G 移动通信等。主持国家自然科学基金(地区基金、青年基金)新疆维吾尔自治区自然科学基金面上项目、新疆维吾尔自治区全职引进高层次创新人才项目和自治区天池博士计划项目等多项科研项目。中国通信学会高级会员;中国光学学会高级会员;中国电子学会高级会员。获邀担任多种国际期刊(SCI)审稿人,审稿工作所涉期刊(SCI)主要包括:IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine,IEEE Communications Letters,IEEE Wireless Communications Letters,IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology,Elsevier Optics Communications,OSA Optics Letters,OSA Optics Express,OSA Applied Optics,IEEE Access,China Communications,IET Communications,IEEE Photonics Journal,IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications and Networking